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About Us

PETE BE Presents is designed to do 3 things:

(1) Help ignite and revitalize local businesses,

(2) Create local jobs, and

(3) Develop economic growth within our community.

We create events with a powerful production that bring people together through music and commonality while developing a sense of community for sustainable economic growth organically. We recognize that arts and culture are essential elements in the character and quality of life in a vibrant community. Summer Bash and BEohana Night Market were developed to serve those causes.

The purpose is to invigorate and revitalize downtown San Jose, enhance cultural enrichment, and expand access for all city residents to a wide range of cultural experiences in the form of community festivals and celebrations. We want to invest in the communities of the City of San Jose and support San Jose’s economic vitality. Our vision is to increase the city’s visibility and reputation as a desired destination for visitors.

The night market, summer bash, and the concert experience with PETE BE Presents come with affordable ticket prices, quality entertainment, and good vibe enjoyment for our family, friends, and fans alike. Working with Giving With Aloha in an effort to give-back, proceeds benefit abused children in our community and the Hawaiian islands.


Our people are the foundation for success in our organization. We foster a healthy working environment that allows our staff and volunteers known as “da team” to grow and prosper internally. This means respecting diversity and individuality, practicing teamwork, and rejecting hierarchy.

We believe that something magical and incredible happen when “da team” works together in harmony, especially when everyone on “da team” is equally invested in the overall purpose and goal.

Teamwork is especially important as we maintain loyal members with a passionate commitment to excellence. We believe that if we do a great job of selecting, training, and motivating “da team”, we’ll do a great job of contributing to our community. That means keeping ourselves accessible and responsive to our partners and clients, and adhering to the highest standards of integrity and trustworthiness.


Da Executive Team

Managing Director, Aloha Man, Pistol Pete

PETE is a father of 3 beautiful children, a husband to an outstanding and very forgiving wife, a son to loving and supportive parents, a braddah to 4 awesome older brothers, an uncle to many, many spoiled nieces and nephews.

Pete is a seasoned business man with many successful companies on his resume. His company, Paradigm Webnology, Inc., was the leading high tech company in the storage capacity space. It was sold in 2001 for $16 million. In 2007, Pete founded Sunny Hill Energy, Inc. With its innovative residential solar lease and solar PPA financing program, Sunny Hill Energy paved the path in offering the innovative residential solar financing program regionally and on a macro level. Today, the residential solar lease program is available nationwide for homeowners and integrators alike. It was a beautiful journey, but was not very satisfying.

Pete left the hustle and bustle life of his beloved high tech and clean tech industries to sought out a better quality of life and better way of serving the community. Thus, Life IS Grand, Inc. was born. It manages several companies. As CEO, Pete identifies new business opportunities and solutions for sustainable growth. He offers cross-functional leadership and proactive business guidance, keeping a healthy dialogue among the team. There’s complete satisfaction in doing good for our people.

Pete is a big advocate for creating local jobs, stimulating economic growth, and development of small businesses. He believes that there’s abundance of wealth and resources around us to ensure that there’s more than enough for everyone. It takes the will to succeed and the humility to sustain your keep.


Director, Kalihi Girl

Rena is the director and co-founder of Giving With Aloha, a California 501c3. She manages fundraising initiatives, volunteer coordination, board development, strategic planning, and community outreach & awareness for abused and at-risk children. She truly believes that every child deserves unconditional love.

Rena is a native Hawaiian with Filipino and Spanish descendant from Kalihi Valley, Hawaii. She found her passion in the hospitality industry. Her smile, humble heart, and grateful island personality inspires her to spread the aloha spirit and provide hope to needy children. She leads gracefully, keeping the team focused on the tasks at hand.

Rena is rooted in Hawaii with bloodline in the music and entertainment industries. She competed in Merrie Monarch 2 consecutive years. In 1994, Rena won the title as Miss Ia ‘Oe E Ka La under the direction of Kumu Hula Mark Keali’i Ho’omalu.

As a proud mother and wife, Rena thanks Ke Akua for the blessings of her beautiful family. Rena’s personal mission is to provide the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs for abused, neglected, and at-risk children. These beliefs are close to her heart. Giving With Aloha was born.